• That's Shocking! How To Avoid Electrical Emergencies This Winter

    Now that winter is here, there are a few electrical issues you should be concerned about. While electrical problems should be concerning all year long, there are some situations that only present themselves during the cold winter months. Each of these situations brings increased risk for electrical fires and serious personal injuries. To avoid these risks, here are four things you should do now that winter is here:  Inspect Your Electric Blankets
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  • 3 Primary Lighting Changes To Implement In Your Commercial Fresh Bakery Department

    As a retailer, having things like a fresh bakery department located within the walls of your store adds a layer of convenience and an attractive quality to the consumer. From fresh cakes, pies, and other delectable delights to freshly baked breads and rolls, this is one part of your commercial store that deserves to be highlighted, and highlighting the department is all about having the right lighting. If your retail bakery needs a little sprucing up or is just in the process of being added to your store, call up a good commercial electrician.
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