Electrical Maintenance You Should Have Done on Your Rental Home

Posted on: 12 August 2020

Your rental home should always be safe and ready for the next tenants. Whether you rent by the month or you have your renters sign leases, the home you have available should have regular electrical repair and electrical maintenance done on the property. Here are things you should do to maintain your rental home and ensure that all electrical needs are met.

Have outlets replaced when they are loose

If your renters have been complaining about loose electrical outlets or have been saying that cords easily come unplugged, call your electrician to have the outlets looked at. Loose electrical outlets are a common electrical maintenance need, and simple wirework and new outlet covers may be all you have to do to make the outlets in your rental home good as new again. Older homes and more commonly used outlets may be more likely to become loose over time.

Have wiring inspected regularly

Have your electrician inspect the wiring of your rental home as part of your electrical maintenance plan for your rental home. This can be done between renters as part of your home check. This way, should wiring be faulty or exposed you should be able to notice the issue before it becomes a serious issue that your renters will have to deal with.

Have lighting upgraded as needed

In order to make your rental home best able to meet its highest rental potential and to get your home rented regularly, keeping the property upgraded is a must. Consider speaking to an electrical repair specialist about upgrading the lighting in your rental home. You can update it so the lighting is recessed or dimmable. You could also add light fixtures in hallways and closets where lighting used to not exist. This is an electrical maintenance cost that you can consider an investment: the more modern and appealing your rental property is, the better able you can keep renters in the property longer.

Get a quote for electrical maintenance and electrical repair from your electrician. Remember, maintenance is usually cheaper than repairs. Electric emergencies may cost more than other service calls due to their urgent nature. Never try to do electrical maintenance on your rental home on your own; this is work you should always have done by your electrician who is licensed to do the work you need.

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