Shocked By Rising Electricity Costs? Here's How A Home Energy Management System Helps You Reduce Your Monthly Energy Bill

Posted on: 7 May 2018

Home energy management systems are a recent entry into the smart home market – they allow you to monitor your home's energy usage and control your home's appliances remotely or set them on a schedule. The data that a home energy management system gives you about your electricity usage allows you to change your appliance usage habits to save electricity. Also, remotely controlling your lights and your thermostat will enable you to turn them off when you're not using them. You'll see significant savings on your energy costs.

A home energy management system needs to be installed by a professional. A computer containing the energy management software is installed inside or next to your main electrical panel; this allows the computer to monitor the electrical usage of your entire home. Because of the high voltages present in your main electrical panel, it's best left to a professional in order to ensure your safety. Once installed, here's how a home energy management system saves you money on your energy costs.

Identifies Energy Hogs With Granular Appliance Monitoring

Home energy management systems can track the electricity usage of individual appliances in your home such as your refrigerator, washing machine, and dryer. When you know how much energy an appliance uses, it allows you to make an informed decision about usage – you may be surprised to find out just how much electricity your laundry machines are using! Changing your electricity usage habits is one way that home energy management systems allow you to lower your monthly energy bill.

Lets You Know When To Replace Older, Inefficient Appliances

Monitoring individual appliances also allow you to know when appliances need to be replaced. Refrigerators and air conditioning units are both major energy consumers in your home, and their energy efficiency typically decreases over time. With a home energy management system, you can compare the electricity usage of these appliances to the rated electricity usage of newer replacement models; this gives you a good idea of how much money you'll save on your energy bills if you decide to replace your older appliances.

Allows Remote Control of Your Thermostat and Lighting

Your heating and cooling system is the main driver of your energy costs, so turning it off when it's not needed allows you to save money. Heating or cooling an empty home only wastes energy, since nobody is around to enjoy it. Home energy management systems will enable you to control your thermostat from your smartphone. You can turn off your air conditioner or heat pump when nobody is at home, then turn it on shortly before you arrive back at home to ensure your home is at a comfortable temperature when you walk in the door. 

Similarly, turning lights off when they're not in use will save on electricity. Home energy management systems allow you to check the status of your lights and control them remotely. Some systems also have occupancy sensors that only turn on lights when someone is home – these usually integrate into a home security system, turning lights in the house on when you deactivate the alarm and turning them off when you arm it before leaving your home.

If you're interested in reducing your energy costs by installing a home energy management system, contact a professional to begin the installation process. By identifying electricity usage at an appliance level and allowing you to control your thermostat and lighting remotely, you'll see significant savings in your energy bill.


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