Signs That Your Home Needs A New Electrical Wiring System

Posted on: 8 February 2018

Living in a highly technological age means that it's critical for you to reside in a home that has a good electrical wiring system. Your cell phone needs to be charged, you need somewhere to plug in your tablet, and a whole host of other devices must pull on the power in your house if they're going to work properly. If you've just moved into another home, it's always good to pay attention to some of the warning signs of a weak electrical system from the very beginning. If you notice any of the following occurrences, it's time to call in electrical services to see if you need a new wiring system.

Your Devices Take A Long Time To Charge

When you're charging up your devices in the new house you should pay close attention to how long it takes for the piece to become fully charged. If you find that your phones and devices are starting to take longer than usual to charge up, your wiring system might be the problem.

This sign can be easy to overlook. You might be accustomed to plugging in your phone each night just before sleep. When you wake up in the morning, the power lever reads "100%." Because you were asleep, you really don't know how long it took for the device to reach capacity.

However, if you're used to plugging in your mobile device and having it be completely charged within the span of an hour, only to find that the same ordeal now takes several hours, it could mean that you have a faulty electrical wiring system. There just isn't enough juice to go around and the little power that is there is being spread amongst all of the devices without enough to go around.

You Find Burn Marks On Your Sockets

If you start to notice that there are black or brown soot marks on the surface of your outlet covers, this is definitely something you shouldn't overlook. What this means is that your wiring could be shorting out just behind the outlet, causing the burn marks to appear. Instead of glossing over the issue by purchasing new outlet covers, it's time to have the problem looked at by a professional.

Because electricity can be very dangerous to work with it's important for you to avoid trying to rectify any electrical issues on your own. Reach out to an electrician so they can come out and see how they can be of assistance.


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