3 Primary Lighting Changes To Implement In Your Commercial Fresh Bakery Department

Posted on: 2 May 2017

As a retailer, having things like a fresh bakery department located within the walls of your store adds a layer of convenience and an attractive quality to the consumer. From fresh cakes, pies, and other delectable delights to freshly baked breads and rolls, this is one part of your commercial store that deserves to be highlighted, and highlighting the department is all about having the right lighting. If your retail bakery needs a little sprucing up or is just in the process of being added to your store, call up a good commercial electrician. There are some important lighting changes you should consider making to put this specialty store department on stage. 

Install spotlights over display cases and shelves to brighten the product. 

There is no doubt about it, there are some mouth-watering products that will be on display in your fresh bakery department and you will want customers in your store to take notice. While the product may be able to sell itself with how it looks alone, your goal should be to attract attention to this area of the store from every direction. Installing spotlights over cake displays, fresh bread racks, and pastry cases will highlight some of the most important areas of the sales floor in this particular area. 

Implement cool-burning LED lights inside pastry cases. 

If your fresh bakery department will have a self-service pastry case where customers can help themselves to fresh pastries, this spot of the bakery should be immaculate for sure. However, a lot of the perception of cleanliness also comes from lighting. Installing cool-burning LED lighting inside of pastry cases will ward off any shadows that can make the area look dim or dirty. Plus, the cool-burning lights will not put off heat that would damage the product over long periods. 

Highlight cake decorating areas with lights brighter than the rest of the bakery. 

There is something captivating about watching a professional cake decorator at work as they create masterpieces from cake and frosting. Customers will often enjoy stopping by just to watch the works in progress. If your cake decorating area is visible from the sales floor, make sure it is lit a bit brighter than the rest of the bakery. This gives the cake decorating a staged appearance and attracts attention from onlookers in the store. As an added bonus, the brighter lighting can be beneficial to decorators as they complete projects. 


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