4 Things You Should Know About Electrical Arcing

Posted on: 26 October 2016

Do you sometimes smell smoke in your home after briefly using certain electronics? The wiring in the outlets that the electronics in question are plugged inside of might be getting hot without your knowledge. It is possible that a serious electrical problem that is known as arcing has been happening inside of your walls. The smell of smoke is a sign that the wires have been sparking up small fires that quickly go out or that a fire is about to take place. In this article, you will learn about why the odor of smoke might point to an electrical problem.

1. The Cause of Arcing

Arcing occurs when electricity is not able to flow through the wiring in walls in a smooth manner. Basically, the electricity must not jump around in the wires. For instance, electricity jumps between conductors when arcing takes place. The worst thing about jumping electricity is that it leads to the wires becoming hotter than they should, which is likely why you keep smelling smoke in your house.

2. Why Arcing is a Serious Problem

Arcing is a serious problem because your house can catch on fire at any given time. The only reason a fire hasn't happened already is likely because you only use your electronics briefly. It is actually in your best interest to stop using all of the electrical outlets that are in the room in which smoke is smelled. You should turn the circuit breaker off to that room as well, at least until the problem has been diagnosed by an electrician. A serious electrical problem can lead to a fire sparking up whether electronics are actively being used or not.

3. Signs of Arcing

Other than the odor of smoke, there are several other signs that arcing is happening. You can observe the outlet covers to find out if they have been melting. You should also look for any signs of discoloration on the outlet covers. Determine if the cords on the electronics in question have sustained any damage, such as melting and discoloration. Listen to the walls for popping sounds, which can indicate that electricity is jumping around.

4. The Repairs That You Might Need

If arcing is found to be the cause of the smoke odor, you will need to get the wall wiring repaired. The problem might be contained to the room in which you smell smoke, or it can be within all of your walls. Rewiring the entire house might be necessary. Hire an electrical repair service so commercial equipment can be used to diagnose the electrical problem.


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