Advantages Electric Heat Has Over Gas And Oil Heat

Posted on: 20 October 2016

Electric heat is a great way to heat your home, especially since it requires no fuel delivery system like oil or gas. There are several more benefits to electric heat too. Here are just some of the advantages that electric heat has over gas and oil.

One, and Only One, Utility Bill

People who have electricity, gas, and/or propane all in use in their homes often have to pay more than one utility bill. This leads to a lot of late bills, since it can be hard to keep track of which utility is owed what or when. When you use electricity for heating purposes as well as lighting and electrical needs, you get it all on one bill. It is easier to keep track of and easier to budget for too.

You Can Budget-Use Your Electricity

Some electrical companies allow you to take advantage of certain savings plans by promising to "budget" your electrical use. This means that you promise to only use your appliances and lights when absolutely necessary and turn them off or unplug them the rest of the time. You may also incorporate a programmable thermostat so that you only use your electric heat at specific times of the day. You cannot "budget-use" heating oil or gas the same way.

You Can Help Prevent Brown-outs and Rolling Black-outs

Many major cities in the U.S. experience "brown-outs" or "rolling black-outs." During a "brown-out," the lights flicker and your electricity may even stop for a very short time. During rolling black-outs, the electrical usage in your area is high, and the blackout just keeps rolling throughout the city. All power is cut for a significant time. However, if you have electric heat, you can help prevent some of these electrical issues by cutting power to every other non-essential in the house and using your power solely for heating purposes. If everyone did the same, the brown-outs and black-outs might stop.

You Can Use a Backup Generator to Keep Your Heat Going

When there is a problem with a gas furnace, you have to turn it off and wait for the repair technician to fix it. When there is a problem with the oil delivery and fueling service, you are out of luck completely and will need to find emergency warmth somewhere else. However, electric heat can keep going, especially when you have a backup generator to jump-start your circuit breakers and fuse box. (Sadly, there are no back-up generators for oil and gas furnaces.)

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