Why a Television Might Automatically Turn Off

Posted on: 17 October 2016

Did your television suddenly start turning off a lot after you moved it to a different room in your house? The problem might lie within the power outlet that the television is plugged into. However, it is also possible that something is wrong with the television, such as that it has an electrical problem. In this article, you will find several possible things that can cause a television to automatically turn off.

1. The Outlet Wires Need to Be Inspected

You should get the outlet wires inspected by an electrician in case they are not in a good condition. If the wires are bad, this could cause the television to function in a problematic way. Although the problem with the television might be frustrating, your main concern should be the possibility of a firing sparking up. The wires might be overheating and need immediate attention before you begin to experience worse problems. You can usually tell whether the wires in an outlet are overheating by the condition of the cover, as you might notice that the cover is melted and discolored.

2. Not Enough Electricity Is Being Sent to the Outlet

There is the possibility that the outlet your television is currently plugged into is not receiving a sufficient amount of electricity. The problem might be that the circuit breaker to the outlet has stopped functioning as it should. The breaker might be worn out if you live in an older home and the electrical panel has never been updated. An electrician will need to install a new breaker if only a single one is the problem. However, if the entire electrical panel is problematic and not putting out enough electricity, it will have to be upgraded or replaced altogether.

3. The Television Power Cord Is Damaged

Even though your television was working before it was moved into a different room, it might still be damaged. The television could have become damaged during the process in which it was being moved. If nothing happened to the electronics during the process, the power cord might have become damaged after it was plugged into the new outlet. For instance, if the outlet has faulty wires, this might have led to the wires in the television power cord burning or obtaining a short. Get in touch with an electrical contractor such as Dunedin Electric Co., Inc. so they can let you know whether you are dealing with a television or electrical problem.


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