Adding A Bedroom To Your Home? Hire An Electrician To Avoid DIY Mistakes

Posted on: 14 October 2016

When you became a homeowner, you may have thought that it would provide you with everything you need as a family, even after considering family growth plans in the future. However, if you're now feeling one bedroom short of being fully satisfied, consider adding on an extra bedroom. Handling most of it without professional help can save a lot of money, but you should still hire an electrician to handle the parts that need vast technical knowledge to avoid mistakes.

Increase Your Home's Power Capacity

An electrician is going to charge around $30 to $100 an hour with a service charge for every trip. Therefore, you want to plan things in advance to make sure you do not have them visiting more times than needed. An entirely new bedroom is likely going to demand extra power from the electrical system. This means you will want to use their services to add a circuit breaker to the electrical panel inside your home. This addition will prevent the electrical power from the new bedroom causing issues in other areas.

Follow Electrical Building Codes

The electrical system in any home is crucial because it provides power, but it can also be dangerous when improperly installed, poorly handled, or not maintained throughout the years. Learning about national and local building codes related to the electrical system can take a while to fully understand. But, an electrician who lives and works in your area will already be familiar with the building codes. This should give you confidence that the electrical system will be installed and implemented properly into your home.

Install Lights, Ceiling Fans, and Outlets

The new bedroom will need what your other rooms have in lights, outlets, and preferably a ceiling fan. Including a ceiling fan into the initial building plan is cheaper than adding one at a later time, and this feature helps to make the room more comfortable throughout all four seasons. An electrician will be able to take the new circuit breaker and run wiring to everything inside the new bedroom. It is a good idea to hire them early on to make sure your DIY efforts do not get in the way of their electrical work.

Learning all that you can before you start adding an extra bedroom onto your home and making sure to hire an electrician will maximize the chances of the finished product turning out incredibly well. For more information, talk to a company like Chadwick Electric Services.


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