3 Electrical Improvements To Prepare Your Home For Automation And Modern Technology

Posted on: 23 August 2016

If the electrical systems in your home are older, it may be time to start considering solutions to upgrade them, such as preparing for automation. You may also want to consider other improvements like a sub-panel for additional electrical installations in places like basements. You can also install low-voltage wiring and home networking to prepare your home for new technologies. Here are some of the improvements that you may want to consider to prepare your home for automation improvements and new technologies:

1. Installing A Sub-Panel For Additional Electrical Systems Added To Your Home

Many home electrical improvements that you may be considering can include additional wiring to your home. This may be wiring that goes to a home addition, garage or a basement finishing project. To make doing repairs, maintenance, and insulation easier, consider installing a sub-panel for these electrical systems. This can especially be good for areas like basements, where you may not always use the electrical installation and want to be able to turn it off sometimes and for maintenance.

2. Installing Low-Voltage Wiring To Power Modern Devices And Home Automation

Modern devices today come in many different shapes and sizes. Many electrical devices are small, compact, or portable devices that use a DC 12-volt current or something similar. In addition, home automation like DC motors, cameras or sensors also use a low-voltage current to power them. This is a good reason to have your home wired with low-voltage wiring for automation and other improvements that you may be considering for your home.

3. Prepare Your Home For New Technologies With The Addition Of Networking

There are a whole host of new technologies that you may be considering for your home. If they include connectivity, they will need some type of network or Internet connection. Home network wiring can provide you with the installation you need for these features, and the ability to connect many different types of technology to your home network, as well as to the internet. There are even some installations like surveillance cameras that can be powered by network wiring, which is called POE or power over Ethernet.

These are some of the electrical improvements that you may want to consider for modern upgrades to prepare for automation and new technologies. If you are ready for some of these improvements in your home, contact an electrical contractor, such as those at Palmer Electric Inc., and talk with them about features like sub-panels and low-voltage wiring for your home. 


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