Tips For Safely Working With Electricity

Posted on: 22 August 2016

It is important to make sure that you are doing everything you can to remain as safe as possible while working with electricity. To help you do that, you will want to review the following tips.

Use The Correct Ladder

If an electrical job requires you to make use of a ladder, it is vital that you use the correct one. Never use a steel or aluminum ladder because you will not be grounded while on that ladder. An electrical current can run through the ladder and shock you. This would result in serious injury and possible death. Instead, you will want to use fiberglass, wood, or even a bamboo ladder in order to avoid such situations.

Take Action At The Service Panel

Not only do you need to turn off the main breaker within a service panel when you are conducting electrical work, you are going to want to take it a step further. Never assume that everyone in the building will be aware of the work that you are doing or that they cannot have the breaker panel on while you are working. To help ensure that no one else comes along to turn on the main breaker, you will want to place a sign on the outside of the breaker panel door. The sign should be brightly colored with bold print. It should indicate that there is danger and that the box is not to be touched.

Use Insulated Tools

In order to reduce your chances of becoming shocked by a wave of electricity, you will want to use insulated tools. You will also want to take it one step further and use insulated gloves while using those tools. The better protected you are, the less likely you are to end up getting a bolt of electricity sent through your body. Therefore, when shopping for new tools, make sure that you are specifically looking for packaging that describes the quality of insulation. Such tools may be easier to find in the electrical section of the home improvement or hardware store.

Always Cap Bare Wire Ends

Even if you intend to come back to those wires in a couple of minutes and the main power to the building is off, you will want to place plastic wire caps on the ends of the exposed wires. This way, you are not putting yourself at risk of injury or accidentally short circuiting the wires should power suddenly come back on.

With those three tips in mind, you should have a much easier time staying safe while you are working on various electrical jobs. For more information, contact local professionals like Independent Electrical Contractors of Greater Cincinnati.


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